Mezclar Arte

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that I’m pleased to share. Not only do I enjoy showcasing my work, but also sharing details about the creative process behind each project. Feel free to browse through my portfolio, and get in touch if you have a project in mind that you’d like to explore together.

November 10, 2017

During this week I have been working on micrography project. So far I finished majority of my picture. For my micrography I decided to do Bob Marley. In the picture I used some of Bob Marley songs and a few of his quotes with his three colors he was known for (Red, Yellow, Green). Starting off my micrography piece was not hard at all, it just came naturally for me. For my annotated bibs I research Digital graphics and I must say some of the article I found was not helpful at all. The topic I choose to do for my senior mastery was really a strong topic, so its been hard trying to find a good article/book or anything to help me with my Exhibition. Working on my micrography made me want to change my senior mastery. A couple of classmates gave me the suggestion to change my senior mastery to micrography and honestly I strongly agree. Micrography is really the only project I really got right off the bat. My first quarter grades was not the best, I hope to do better this coming quarter. I ended my first quarter grades with 1 A and 3 Cs, with all the work back to back in every class was the worst for me. In school I was always that student that didn’t really get a lot of things and struggle a lot, having teachers that don’t really explain things very clearly or even help out students that's in the need for help kills me. I am proud of my self because I did bring up both of my DC in Forensic Science and in English 2 Honors. This quarter I will improve by studying more, getting more involve in class, and staying on top of my grades at all times. Listening to the guest speakers, I thought about a lot of different things in my future. At this moment I'm not sure where I wanna go, during last summer I visit the Art Institution of Charleston and I loved everything they have there. I do love SCAD and would love to attend their school, but their price is something I'm not sure I could afford. What I love about the Art Institution of Charleston is that I will be going straight into my major and graduating from their I could have a job as soon as I get out. I'm still deciding where should I go, but I'm really sold on the Art Institution.