Mezclar Arte

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that I’m pleased to share. Not only do I enjoy showcasing my work, but also sharing details about the creative process behind each project. Feel free to browse through my portfolio, and get in touch if you have a project in mind that you’d like to explore together.


Senior Exhibition of Mastery

Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology

Exhibition Proposal


Name: Ayana Beaty                                                                                                                                                                                 Web and Digital Communications  

 The Art of Words

Description of Exhibition: For my Senior Exhibition of Mastery, I will create a portfolio with different types of  micrography. At the end of this school year, I intend to show a portfolio with 10-15 pieces of handwork/digital micrography that I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. Each piece that I will create throughout the duration of the year will show my type of style for micrography and theme for my entire mastery. The topic I will be researching is “micrography.” As the year progresses, I also will intend to carry on my research of finding out more information on micrography. By learning from articles, books, blog sites, and more. I choose to research Micrography because I want to know/learn more about micrography and also improve. Grate Creations is where my  internship will be at. During my Internship, it will help me have a better understanding and improve my skills as a graphic designer as a whole. By watching and learning, my ability to present a senior mastery will be more understanding with my audience. This will also enhance my work in my portfolio because my Internship will help me gain a better sense of graphic design. This exhibition is important to me because I get to present what I love to do and I also get to present how much I have improved since the begin of the year.


Rationale for Choosing This Exhibition: For my Senior Exhibition, I choose to create a portfolio of different types of micrography , because I plan on continuing my love for Digital Graphics in college. Presenting my Senior Exhibition is important to me because I get to show my talent and passion for my major to people I endure. This Exhibition has worth to my major, school, and community by showing people to go for what they love to do and also to  keep on practicing and get better. Showing off my Senior Mastery benefits the school and the community by showing all the talent at the AAST, it may even inspire others to put there mind to whatever that comes their way. Doing this Senior Exhibition of Mastery contribute to my personal growth a lot. Attending at AAST I improve a lot of the years. Looking back at where a started to now has been a big change and I hope to do the same when I attend college.